Welcome to the New Human Cleric Games


Welcome to Human Cleric Games, a website launched at the start of 2016 that’s dedicated to sharing the joy that is tabletop gaming. Whether you are new to tabletop gaming or have been playing The Settlers of Catan since the mid-90s, you will find something of interest here at HumanCleric.com. We won’t be talking much about Risk or Monopoly, but if you cut your teeth on games like those, you’re sure to love games such as Ticket to Ride, Small World, and Power Grid.

We hope you agree that board games are awesome. They bring people together around a table to create a story, to share with one another, to match wits, to collaborate. We gather in the flesh rather than being stranded behind screens. We solve problems together. We exercise our brains. We laugh. We look forward to saying, “Remember the time when…?” That’s why we want to share my love of board games with you.

Here at Human Cleric Games you can

  • Learn to play games (hopefully with video soon!)
  • Read the growing story of a rag-tag band of D&D heroes (and find information about the fantasy world “Sularil,” in case you want to set a game there).
  • Check out reviews of new and old games.
  • Print and playtest our amateur games designs (at least one of them has some potential, the other 37 not so much).
  • Do some crossword puzzles…because, why not?
  • Come back often for more great stuff we haven’t thought of yet!

If there’s a game you’d like us to review or teach on the site, or if you have rules questions about popular strategy games, let us know. We can’t guarantee to have played any particular game, since there are a ton of them and the list keeps growing and growing, but we’ll give it a shot. Thanks for stopping by. And as Wil Wheaton says at the end of every episode of Tabletop, “Play more games!”

♠ ♥ ♦ ♣

Art: “Dryad Militant” by Terese Nielsen from the Magic: The Gathering set  Return to Ravnica. Terese Nielsen is by far and away my favorite Magic artist. –Cheers, Adam

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